A haven for women who want to change the status quo

We believe that connecting our inner and outer worlds is essential to make a better world.

We provide women changemakers with powerful ideas, support and tools so they can take action on what matters, without leaving themselves behind in the dust in the process.


We connect activists to best practice, ethical standards, and tools to ensure that you do no harm.


We support activists to think critically about their work to ensure that they make a difference.


We provide custom support to women to promote holistic, reflective, and compassionate self-care. 

“Self-care is not a separate task, but it is how we do our work.

Lin Chew

My name is Pip Bennett and I am the woman behind Hermosas Chispas. I am obsessed with the connections between activism, good practice and self-care. I believe we need to change the way we change the world so I support women to make changes to their work and self-care practices to make that happen. Find about more about me here.