8 resources to help you find your best kind of work

8 resources to help you find your best kind of work

For the past month, I have been exploring my calling. What am I here on Earth to do?

It is, as I am learning, not as simple as reading a book and having some kind of ´eureka!´ moment. There is hard work involved. Digging deep, drafting, planning, dreaming, thinking, talking to others. Writing lists, drawing diagrams, brainstorming. It has been some 40-odd days that I have been specifically pondering this, and although I now have a rough idea, I still need to shape it into something that I can do.

Over this time, I have found a huge number of resources that have been helpful, as well as a big number of resources that I have yet to open but look interesting. I want to share them with you, in case they help you on your path.

There are two main truths that I have found to apply to me (and seemingly, most people):

  • A calling, purpose or vocation (whatever you want to call it) involves who you are. It allows you to be more you. How great is that?! Elle Luna asks, ¨What if who we are and what we do become one and the same?… we no longer go to work, we are the work.¨ The other great thing about this, is that we have clues about what that calling could be. What do you like doing? What do you enjoy? What do you crave? What lights you up? What do you obsess over?
  • The unfortunate reality of our times is that we require income to survive. It is very difficult to cut ourselves off from the world and be completely self-sufficient. So, unless your dream job somehow involves you being a hermit, you will need to earn money. If you find that your calling provides you with a living income, hurrah for you! But don´t put pressure on yourself to force income to be a part. A calling is something that you feel driven to do and is somehow an integral part of you. It can be ignored, but at a cost, basically to your soul (maybe that sounds a little dramatic, but that´s how it feels to me). What that means in practice, is that maybe you need to balance your money with your purpose. Maybe you can work part-time? Maybe you can do your purpose things in your spare time? Be creative and be kind to yourself. Remember that you don´t need days on end to do something meaningful. Ten minutes a day is a start.

So, take a look at these links below, as well as visit your local library and wander through Google. If you know the general area that interests you (engineering, health, environment, etc), try having a look for advice and other people´s experience in those areas. Something useful will come up. Something will ignite your interest and help you be flooded with ideas. Keep going until that happens. It will.



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