Put your vision in their shoes

Put your vision in their shoes

Have you ever been so clear on what you wanted to happen, but be stumped for how to explain it, or struggled to get people on board?

It could be a problem of explaining your vision.

It isn’t always just a matter of priorities. People think differently. Some are great at vision, some are great at strategy, some are great at putting things into place. Being able to explain what we’re working on and where we want to get to is important in advocating for ourselves and the themes we’re working on.

So how do we communicate our ideas well? We need to connect the dots.

There are two important people in any conversation, negotiation, or discussion:  yourself (as the speaker/convincer), and your audience.

Be clear on what is most important for you get across. What do you want them to understand, to see, to agree to?

Then you need to connect those dots for them from their point of view to your vision.

Explain the context of your vision and the how and why of your plan to get there. Make it relevant to them. Ask yourself who is your audience, what interests them, what do they want to get out of it, what will relate best to them?

It can be easy to come up with ideas. The hard part is getting other people on board.

Put your vision into their shoes and you’ve got something that just might work.