I want to provide you with useful change making tools. Things that help break down obstructions, challenges, and downright despicable structures that we face in our work. 

3 things reflection 2017-18 A foldable little booklet helping you look back at your work in 2017 and plan for an even better 2018.

Self-care Questionnaire – I believe self-care is personal and there are some things that are more important to your self-care than others. This quiz will give you an indication of what themes are more important to you as well as some ideas about how to add more of it into your life. 



Finding and connecting to great work is important – it inspires, challenges and supports us. There are lots of amazing and inspiring work, ideas and projects out there and I want to share with you some of my favourites that have been of the most useful to me. I add to the list as I discover more.



The Centre for Contemplative in Society, and Mirabai Bush in particular. They focus mostly on higher education now, but have some great resources to help support activists come from a place of strength rather than anger. Check out their Tree of Contemplative Practices and their book The Activist´s Ally

Freethinker Co., is on a mission to make the world a better place through story and conscious communication. Check out the conscious storytelling map.

Marianne Elliott. She’s a human rights worker, lawyer, yoga teacher, writer. AND a New Zealander! She has had a huge influence on me, although she hasn´t been putting out much of her own work lately. Read her book, take her yoga course, or go through old blog entries. All of it brilliant.


Self-care & Burnout

Alessandra Pigni. Very passionate about eradicating burnout from the aid and development workers experience, Alessandra is a licenced psychologist that advocates for better staff care. She has a brilliant book and a very punchy blog worth reading.

Christy Tennery-Spalding. Also known as her business name, Christy Tending, this lady absolutely rocks self-care. She has been there and burnt out, so brings a useful, reality-based perspective on what self-care should be like. I highly recommend her (I´ve done her Sacred Focus and Hella Metta programmes) for delving deep into yourself, growing self-love and self-care.

Elizabeth Gilbert. Famous for her book, Eat Pray Love, I also loved her book about marriage, Commitment. She also has a book on creativity, Big Magic, and it is awesome. Her podcast on creativity is recommended listening (even for non-creatives), especially around self-care and doing our best creative work.

Pema Chodron. All things Pema! She is a buddhist nun and is amazing. She talks a lot about starting where we are, as well as the honest truth that we all have lots of crazy thoughts – we just need to learn how to deal with them.

Rachel W Cole. A life coach who focusses on supporting women to be ´well fed´ – something deeper than nutrition, that addresses the real hungers we have in life. Her pyramid resource for planning self-care and her blog is highly recommended.



The Brandling, has released a branding toolkit for changemakers and it is exceptional.

Enabling City, the cross-sections between urban areas, resilience, environment and sustainability. They´ve put together two volumes on how to work better bringing together these themes. Their Twitter account is also the fount of best practice and what´s happening @enablingcity


Ideas & Theory

Women´s leadership from Tara Mohr. Covering business and spirit. Looking at the things that hold us back – inner critic, fear -, callings, and how to get an idea into reality. Check out her 10 Rules for Brilliant Women Workbook and her book Playing Big.