Rest VS Recovery

Rest VS Recovery

Not long ago, I was on a training on health and safety. The trainer mentioned the importance of resting in our off time. He said, ¨Remember – there is a difference between rest and recovery.¨

What’s the difference for you? When the weekend or your time off comes around, are you resting or are you recovering?

Rest: To refresh oneself, to cease from motion.

Recovery: To get back or regain, to make up for, to regain one’s strength, composure, balance.

The difference is subtle, right? Rest is to replenish and revive. To recover assumes that you need to come back from sickness or a loss of some kind.

The past two weeks here have been hectic. Away for a week doing training, husband gets job on farm, we moved to said farm, we buy car (we take on debt), my commute to work increases dramatically. This weekend, I was tempted to just put on Netflix and have the time slip away. Instead, I did some baking, washing, went for a short walk/run, and spent time outside chopping firewood. I did watch a movie and I had two delicious afternoon naps. The emotion that had built up over the week dissipated with the exercise, my belly and senses loved the baking (scones with jam and whipped cream), and the naps relieved my heavy tiredness. I feel like I actually used the time doing things I enjoy and are good for me, rather than ignoring everything.

Deciding what you want to do to rest, replenish and recover is up to you. There is no one-size-fits-all. It does take mindfulness – being aware of how you are feeling and what needs you have. It could be taking a bath, having a massage, going for a walk, talking to a friend, cooking something delicious, watching a movie, reading a book, taking photos, patting an animal, or a million other things. Whatever it is, choose it fully and enjoy it fully.

How do you manage yourself when you’re full tilt? Does what you do in your time off replenish you, or does it mean you end up worse off in the long run? What do you do when you get time off?