That Pesky, Disruptive Voice

That Pesky, Disruptive Voice

¨You´re not ready for it. You should go check to see if there´s a course you could do. Maybe you should go get some more experience. Nobody will be interested. You´re just not ready.¨

These words came recently from inside my own head.

Does that ever happen to you? You desperately, maybe quietly, want to do something. It could be to propose a new way of doing things or a different project. It might be to write a story, offer to write a report, or do a presentation. Or maybe it is to have a go at doing a 5km competition run or join a yoga class. Maybe its to get a different haircut or wear a different style of clothing.

And then all these thoughts start flying in. Arguments about why you shouldn´t do it. Why you can´t do it. A critical analysis about why you´d be better to do something else and forget it all together.

The thing is, those thoughts aren´t you. They are the inner critic.

It´s more than pesky. It disrupts your life.

Sometimes it sounds like it speaks the truth. That is has very good reasons for why you shouldn´t do such and such. It tries to protect you.

But imagine this: How would it feel to not follow those desires? How would it feel to not do that thing?

Like crap? Like missing out? Like forgetting a part of yourself?

The inner critic is never going to go away. It is always there. It is like your worst best friend, always got your back – but to stop you from doing awesome things.

Take another listen to that voice. What does it sound like? Is it a man or a woman? How do they dress? How old are they? What do they tell you? Give it a full character. Give it a name.

This voice isn´t you. It´s ______________________ (go on, give them a name!).

Every time you hear the voice, picture the character. Remember that the voice isn´t you.


The thing is, we will never be free of this inner critic voice. It will keep coming back, sometimes with different things to say, a different voice, a different perspective. There is always a reason why you shouldn´t be awesome.

In order to live that life we dream about, we need to learn to acknowledge that voice and go forward anyway.

So, what was it again that you wanted to do? What are you going to do today on it?

Want some accountability? Tell me what you want to do and what you´re going to do about it – I´d love to hear from you!