Where do you get your support from?

Where do you get your support from?

I don’t know about you, but I find trying to change the world pretty exhausting sometimes. Especially when I’m particularly taking notice of the media, noticing all the shitty things happening in the world, and then mixed with the kind of real life challenges that I come across in my day to day work and life.

Sometimes it can seem like it is all too big and it would be better to go grab a book, a hot chocolate and endless movies, and stay holed up in bed all day (or all week).

Sadly, the world has changed and if we did that, eventually those scary things will knock on our door. Or burst through without notice. Life can be messy and dark.

That’s why we need our support people to help us get through, highlighting to us the positive side, cheering us on, or just being there to commiserate with.

Who do you have on your support team?

I have my mum as my number 1 member. Poor mum, she’s been on the team the longest and had to listen to me go on and on and on about all sorts of stuff. Then there’s my husband, who bears the daily brunt of everything but who shares the same kind of social justice view as me so helps to keep me committed at a sort of political level (that inequality and injustice is not ok, in any form). Then there are my close friends here in Mozambique, one in particular who I have lunch with regularly and then others who pop in and out but are strong, smart women who have strong values and I really respect. We often share our thoughts on our work, what’s happening, how things could be done better, and probably most often, what we are trying to achieve ourselves in our lives.

Often our support people can be quite different. One of my friends and I mostly concern ourselves with toilet jokes and sarcastic humour. There are other friends who I would never talk about that stuff with, but instead we talk about whether or not to start a family, or how to start your own business. Every support that fills you up on some level is important. (For me, laughing and fun is as important as talking about spiritual stuff).

Who do you laugh and share with? When was the last time you met, wrote or spoke to them? If it seems a little longer than you’d like, why not think about sending a message, email or give them a call to say hello?